Increase health, Increase longevity.

What to Expect

 If you are looking for a holistic approach to your Dis-Ease or an adjunct to your Western treatment we are here for YOU.


A systemic approach to health

Herbal Presciptions

Treating the root cause of one’s disharmony (if needed/desired).

Electric Stimulation

Promoting specific frequencies for specific needs.


Fascial release muscle sprain and strains, recovery.

Mental & Emotional Awareness

Integration between mind & body.

Professional bedside manner.

What to Expect…

Book Appointment

Book through the online scheduler (preferred) or call the answering service.

Online Intake Form

You’ll receive an email where you can fill out the intake form.

Receive Treament

We go over health history and concerns, check your medical pulse diagnosis & tongue evaluation. You’ll receive a treatment.

Treatment Plan

We’ll discuss the best plan of action for you, i.e. dietary lifestyle, clinical nutrition, follow-up treatements, potential herbal therapy.