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What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a specialized therapeutic technique used by healthcare professionals to treat muscle pain and increase mobility. Utilizing thin, sterile needles, practitioners target myofascial trigger points – tense and knotted areas within the muscle – that are often at the root of pain and dysfunction. The procedure is designed to relieve tension, reduce pain, and promote healing in affected muscles, offering an effective solution for various conditions including chronic pain, sports injuries, and overuse syndromes.

How Does Dry Needling Work?

Dry needling is a therapeutic technique practiced by skilled professionals to alleviate pain, reduce muscular tension, and enhance mobility. Here’s a closer look at how dry needling treatment works at Red Crane Wellness:

  • The process begins with a thorough assessment to locate myofascial trigger points – tight knots within the muscle that can cause pain over a large area.
  • Once these points are identified, a thin, sterile needle is inserted into the trigger point. The goal is to target areas within the muscle that are contributing to pain and muscular issues.
  • The key to the effectiveness of the treatment lies in eliciting a local twitch response. This twitch response helps to break the cycle of pain and muscle spasms, promoting healing.
  • The insertion of the needle and the twitch response help to release the tension in the trigger point, allowing the muscle to relax.

At Red Crane Wellness, every session is tailored to the individual’s specific conditions and needs. Book your appointment with our dry needling therapist today!

What Can Dry Needling in Chattanooga Help with?

Dry needling is versatile and effective for a wide range of conditions. Here are some areas where it can make a significant difference:

• Muscle Tension and Spasms
• Chronic Pain Conditions
• Sports Injuries
• Joint Disorders
• Posture-Related Pain
• Headaches and Migraines
• Sciatica
• Repetitive Motion Disorders
• Neck and Back Pain
• Shoulder Impingement
• Plantar Fasciitisditation.

Benefits of Dry Needling Treatments

Here are the key benefits of incorporating dry needling treatment into your wellness routine:

  • Improved Muscle Function – It helps in releasing knots and tension in the muscles, which can improve their function.
  • Rapid Pain Relief – By targeting trigger points directly, this therapy can relieve tension and discomfort, providing faster relief compared to traditional pain management techniques.
  • Accelerates Recovery – By stimulating the muscles and increasing blood flow to the targeted areas, it can speed up the body’s natural healing processes.
  • Reduction of Muscle Stiffness – Chronic muscle stiffness can lead to discomfort and limit movement. This treatment alleviates this stiffness, allowing for more comfortable and fluid motion.
  • Enhances Circulation – The process of needling increases blood flow to the affected areas, which is crucial for delivering nutrients and oxygen to the muscles.

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At Red Crane Wellness, we understand that your path to healing is as unique as you are. Our specialized dry needling services, expertly delivered by our dedicated team in Chattanooga, TN, are designed to address your specific pain and mobility issues, helping you move towards a life of improved health and well-being.

With a commitment to personalized care and a holistic approach to treatment, Red Crane Wellness is your partner in health. Take the first step towards a more comfortable and active lifestyle today.

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About Us

Located in Chattanooga, TN, Red Crane Wellness has been a beacon of healing since 2015. Dr. Ariadni Spinali, our esteemed acupuncturist, holds Tennessee licensure and board certification, along with a rich background as one of the few herbalists in the area.

After earning her acupuncture certification and Master’s Degree in California, she completed her Doctorate specializing in Endocrinology, Women’s Health, and Pain Management. Dr. Spinali’s approach uniquely blends East Asian Medicine, nutritional support, and emotional awareness, aiming to treat the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

Her specialties include digestive disorders, migraines, menstrual disturbances, cardiovascular disease, custom herbal formulas, pain relief, endocrine issues, hormonal imbalances, and more, offering personalized treatments to help each individual reach their full potential.


What can I expect during my first appointment with your dry needling therapist?
During your first visit, our dry needling therapist will discuss your medical history, conduct a physical examination, and explain how this therapy can help your condition. Based on this assessment, a personalized treatment plan will be created for you.

To know more, get in touch with our team!

How long does each session last?
The sessions typically last between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your specific treatment needs and health conditions.
What should I wear to my appointment for dry needling in Chattanooga?
For your appointment, wear loose and comfortable clothing that easily exposes the treatment area. This allows the therapist to access trigger points without restriction. Shorts and a loose T-shirt are often ideal choices.
Are there any side effects?
Yes, there are a few common side effects, including minor bruising, temporary soreness, or bleeding at the needle sites. These side effects are typically mild and resolve quickly without any long-term issues.

Google Reviews

46 reviews on
Mary Jo Vice
Mary Jo Vice
28 March 2024
I absolutely love this place! I recommend it to anyone wanting to strengthen their mind body and spirit. These treatments are completely helping my migraines when nothing I've tried for 20 years has. I'm forever grateful!
Alicia Rogers
Alicia Rogers
12 March 2024
Ive tried other places before and so far this has been my best experience. Ariadni was knowledgeable and listened to me. I left feeling much better than when I walked in and I plan to return.
7 March 2024
UPDATE: I have been working with Ariadni for some time now. I have to give this updated review to say that she has consistently amazed me at the accuracy of her treatments. I have had no vertigo, diverticulitis attacks, heart palpitations are extremely minimal now. Stress, knees all good. Don't accept pain ! You'll be amazed! Having moved to Chattanooga from the west coast,away from my beloved ,long term Chinese medicine practitioner, I searched the sites and reviews in Chattanooga for someone of equal capability. I am so happy to say that Ariadni not only meets but exceeds my highest expectations! I have ,at this point had one treatment for vertigo and tinnitus and I'm already improved. She read my pulses so accurately it was astounding! We have more to work on after the tinnitus and vertigo and I'm confident there will be excellent results! Ariadni, compounds her own herbal remedies to compliment her treatments according to your individual needs. I highly recommend Red Crane Wellness!
Robert Kozloski
Robert Kozloski
9 January 2024
It has been some time when I've been this impressed with someone, and I'm talking about Dr. Spinali, wow does she know her craft!!! Highly recommend her...feeling GREAT!!
Marcio Gerep
Marcio Gerep
4 December 2023
After enduring 7 months of annoying pain on my back which interfered with my sleep, some sessions of acupuncture took care of that for good That exceeded my best expectations
Stephanie Barr
Stephanie Barr
24 November 2023
Dr. Spinal has very good bed side manners and was very easy to talk to. She listened very well and was very quick in giving me her professional opinion on what was going on with my health. She performed an acupuncture treatment today on me and I didn’t feel a thing when she was inserting any of the dozen or so needles in my body. I look forward to coming back.
Misty Tate
Misty Tate
31 October 2023
An amazing experience. I had no idea that acupuncture could be so helpful! Can’t wait for my next appointment!
Chanita J
Chanita J
5 October 2023
This was my first acupuncture treatment and Dr. Spinali provided the perfectly introduction. She made me feel safe, comfortable and prepared for what was to come. The pain in my foot that led me there wasn’t gone when I left, but I was able to proceed with my hike the next day as she promised.

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