What’s special about Acupuncture in Chattanooga for you?

I’ve noticed the people of Chattanooga take the outdoors very seriously. Many of them float, hike, white water raft, mountain bike…. As there are plenty of things to do it also means you’ve got to feel capable of doing those things. I’d love to make sure people can continue to do these things by getting them out of pain, solving any health issue that might hinder someone from doing things they love.

Why did you choose to study acupuncture?

The philosophy and methodology of Chinese medicine immediately made sense and resonated with me. I felt this was the way I’d like to help people.

What makes us unique among acupuncturists?

I really focus on holding space for every person that comes in here. We can talk open and honestly without judgement and from there we can really dig deep about how our lifestyle or even thought process contribute to the illness. We don’t just focus on the problem, we focus on the whole being.

What aspect of being an Acupuncturist do you love the most??

Seeing people amazed at how good they can feel. Being a part of their healing journey and building relationships is the best.

What is the most common misunderstanding about acupuncture?

That there’s no science behind it. People need to understand acupuncture points and indications have been carefully documented over a few thousand years. That’s clinical experiences that have been proven over and over. Though it may not always fit in the western box, western science is starting to find ways to measure how it works. More research is available to appease our western mindset

How do you maintain your own health?

Balance! I don’t over work, I’m not too strict with myself, I realize I’m human and allow myself to indulge in guilty pleasures here and there. When I’m tired I rest. Really I just try and listen to what my body is telling me. Exercise is also important to me.

Acupuncture in Chattanooga—

For all these reasons practicing acupuncture here is fulfilling for both the practitioner and patient. We welcome new patients. Call, email or book to see an acupuncturist today.

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