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Red Crane Wellness is a top-rated acupuncture clinic in Chattanooga, TN. We’re excited and passionate about Chinese Medicine and love to diminish pain and alleviate complex chronic issues through acupuncture and herbal remedies.

We’re Your Local Chattanooga Acupuncture Clinic

As a results-oriented Chinese Medicine clinic, we use: Acupuncture, Custom herbal prescriptions, Gua Sha, Cupping, Electric Stimulation and more—while addressing problematic behaviors that impede our clients from becoming the best version of themselves.

Why Do Our Clients Love Us?

Helping our clients overcome their chronic issues or illnesses gives us a very deep satisfaction. That is why the philosophy of Acupuncture within our staff, and why our Red Crane Wellness team works diligently to give the most effective forms of treatments for our patients. Thus, we foster long-term relationships with our clients and consider us to be their trusted Eastern medical team.

Red Crane Wellness
Based on 30 reviews
David Jordan
17:05 18 Jan 23
Sandra Baird
21:51 29 Dec 22
What a great experience. Dr Ariadni is, not only professional and knowledgeable, but very personable. She takes time to get to know you and is very thorough in learning about your issues, in order to provide treatment individualized to you. I am so pleased to have her as my physician. I highly recommend her.
15:37 22 Nov 22
Having moved to Chattanooga from the west coast,away from my beloved ,long term Chinese medicine practitioner, I searched the sites and reviews in Chattanooga for someone of equal capability. I am so happy to say that Ariadni not only meets but exceeds my highest expectations! I have ,at this point had one treatment for vertigo and tinnitus and I'm already improved. She read my pulses so accurately it was astounding! We have more to work on after the tinnitus and vertigo and I'm confident there will be excellent results! Ariadni, compounds her own herbal remedies to compliment her treatments according to your individual needs. I highly recommend Red Crane Wellness!
Hannah Michael
03:02 18 Nov 22
I had a wonderful experience! Ariadni SpinalI is very compassionate, kind, and professional. I feel very confident in the treatment plan she recommended and I look forward to continuing to work with her on my health!
Yeet Websites
17:01 17 Oct 22
Best Acupuncturist in Chattanooga and only herbalist I know of in the area. She does custom herbal formulas to fix all kinds of issues. I always get great results from Ariadni. Dr. Spinali is an expert at acupuncture needling and has a great bed side manner.
01:48 03 Aug 22
Ariadni is absolutely amazing! I can’t say enough good things about her. I’m sure my friends get tired of hearing “Ariadni says…..”. I started seeing her 5 years ago for frozen shoulder. I had tried cortisone shots with not much relief and had been taking Tylenol and/or pain meds daily for over a year. I was told by a specialist it would just get better on its own in 1-3 years and there wasn’t anything else he could do. My friend recommended Ariadni. I never considered acupuncture but was desperate. I instantly felt at ease with her. My pain was cut in half my first treatment and I was sold on the benefits of acupuncture. Ariadni was able to get my pain manageable and get me off meds. She also helped me with my allergies, asthma (no more inhaler) edema and digestive issues. She has been excellent at diagnosing my many issues and finding solutions. She is incredibly knowledgeable and is truly invested in getting people better. After moving out of state, it has been HARD to find another acupuncturist who even comes close to her in skill and especially care and compassion. You won’t regret the investment in your health.
Tracy Towns
20:47 02 Aug 22
Trust acupuncture. Trust Ariadni. I began my journey with Ariadni about 6 years ago. I originally went to see her for chronic sinusitis and quickly learned that she could treat that and so much more. I became a regular patient and added weekly acupuncture to my health maintenance routine.She treated me for fibroids as well and because of her work in this area and how I responded to the treatment protocol and herbs, a scheduled surgery to remove my ovaries was avoided as it was no longer necessary.My only regret is that I didn't start acupuncture sooner. Don't hesitate. She's amazing. Best money I've ever spent. No more regular sinus infections. Best shape of my life.
Giddeon Wisdom
19:35 22 Oct 20
Dr.Ariadni Spinali is the Best Acupuncturist/Herbalist/healer. I have ever experienced. (There have been Many).Her grasp on the Arts is Solid and Ability exceptional.Professional,Humble,compationate ,positively focused and understanding.I Highly recommend this practice .Eternally Grateful
Carla Kang
02:35 19 Sep 20
Dr.Spinali is the best & most caring acupunturist! Too bad we're moving to Alabama soon & I don't wanna try just somewhere or someone to do my treatment again. I might just fly to Elk grove every 3mos. at least to get my treatment to her. I don't wanna trust nobody just her! I felt so comfortable whenever she does the acupunture on me. Btw she helps me a lot too on my joint pain & my liver pain!💕
Tom Conrad
21:07 05 Nov 19
My wife, after suffering with chronic hives for over two years came to Dr. Spinali in Elk Grove for acupuncture. She thoughtfully treated her immune system (and hives) through acupuncture, nutrition and Chinese herbs. After several weeks, she no longer is bothered with hives!We highly recommend Ariadni for her abilities and commitment to holistically improving your health.
Lisa Lynch
21:28 10 Oct 19
Ariadni is truly amazing! She has created such a warm and safe space for healing. She has helped me with hip pain that for years drs couldn't help me with. She has helped me with my migraines and many other issues. The beauitful thing is that she can treat so much in each session. She helped my young daughter with her eczema. She is a beautiful and caring person, so thankful that I found Red Crane Wellness!
Casey Bouwhuis (Casey Big-Heart)
23:24 28 Sep 19
LOVE LOVE LOVE Ariandi! She professional, compassionate, and very knowledgable. I have been to about 4 different acupuncturists and have learned that they are definitely not all the same. She is by far is the best! I originally went to her prior to surgery and with major balance/vertigo issues. She not only helped my surgery recovery run smooth but helped my body regain balance and tackle my vertigo problems. I was going in just to help with my surgery but have stayed with her for over a year because I have seen so many other health benefits from acupuncture. She is my go to now for anything medical related. ( I'm a nurse too) I love her approach of 'balancing" the body so that it will heal itself and I have seen so many other benefits from, helping my body calm anxiety and stress, to regulating hormonal mood shifts during my cycle. One thing I will say is that with any type of holistic or eastern approach to medicine it is very different, it is about giving your body the tools it needs to heal itself, not take a pill to alleviate symptoms, so having said this many things do not come instantly and you need to be on a consistent schedule and have patience. If you are willing to do this you will be so happy you did!
Lynn Bailey
15:20 14 Sep 19
I started bringing my young adult daughter to Dr. Spinali in May of this year and I can’t even express with words how the quality of her life has vastly improved! We came in because of an auto immune disease she has called Alopecia Areata where you lose your hair. She had been suffering with it for about 18 months, but when she started to lose her eyebrows and eyelashes, she just couldn’t take it anymore. She also has PCOS, eczema, depression, asthma, stomach issues and more… We came to see Dr. Spinali on the recommendation of a family member and she started treating her with the intention of helping her whole self be healthier, not just the hair loss. Well, the results have been more than amazing! She has her taking herbs, supplements and coming for weekly visits. In the first 3 months, she started seeing hair grow back, but really that wasn’t the most amazing thing. She has had her monthly cycle regularly since she started coming and for the past 8 years she hasn’t ever had it 3 months in a row. Her eczema, depression, asthma and stomach have NEVER been better. Her skin literally has not ever been this clear since she was an infant and she is feeling awesome! At one point over the summer, she was having some severe back pain and Dr. Spinali helped with that also, it is amazing to me to see how acupuncture can really help with overall health. I can’t recommend her highly enough! Go see her and give her a chance!
Patricia Helsby
05:55 08 Sep 19
Best acupuncturist I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot. Elk Grove is lucky to have you Ariadni. I was given a herbal remedy and acupuncture for pain and sciatica. I feel so much better now. You are truly amazing.
Tom and Debbie Rutsch
14:23 25 Aug 19
Dr. Spinali is simply amazing. I started going to her to her after suffering chronic lower back pain for over two years. Her treatments have lessened my pain by at least 80% and I am now able to go about my normal routine. Dr. Spinali is super knowledgeable and very flexible. In addition to my lower back she will treat me for whatever else is ailing me. I have recently had shoulder pain and neck pain due to work related stress and she has helped with these areas also. I highly reccomend Dr. Spinali and Red Crane Wellness if you are looking for an acupuncture provider in Elk Grove.Deb Rutsch
Aniko Bordelon
22:00 14 Aug 19
Ariadni is the goddess of Oriental Medicine. We have been visiting her for almost two years and it always amazes me when she checks the different pulse points and how insanely accurate she is with the troubles happening in the body. She took detailed notes on medical history and current concerns and when my husband showed up with an acute neck/shoulder/arm pain she was ready to treat him immediately. After the first treatment there is improvement and as a few weeks passed by the pain resolved, weakness in the arm diminished. My daughter was hesitant to try acupuncture, as she was uncomfortable with needles and opening up about her anxiety. However, Ariadni quickly turned into one of her favorite people. She recommended her herbs that greatly helped with stomach issues and GERD. Ariadni's practice is always warm, welcoming, clean, and healing for anyone looking for help. Do yourself a favor and stop by her office and make an appointment!- The Bordelon family
Marcie Lemieux
15:37 14 Aug 19
Ariadni is amazing! She has made me an enthusiastic believer in acupuncture and Chinese herbs. It has been sweet relief for my perimenopausal symptoms. Hormones. Stress. Anxiety. Cramps. Well worth the drive to Elk Grove. Ariadni is extremely knowledgeable, highly educated, kind, a great listener, intuitive, talented. You can’t go wrong with her and what she offers. I trust her completely and love everything about Red Crane Wellness. Highly recommend!!
Gregory Bordelon
21:08 12 Aug 19
Ariadni is fantastic. Helped me through a very painful bout from a pinched nerve in my neck. Her treatment help reduce pain and restore the feeling to my left thumb and index finger. She is friendly and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend.
Andrea Ah Po
03:20 12 Aug 19
I originally went to a Red Crane Wellness for shoulder pain, tension headaches. After a thorough review of my medical history, Ariadni explained that my body was in flight or fight mode. After my first treatment my shoulder pain completely went away and I never felt so relaxed before. I can say I haven’t felt this good in years. Pain under my shoulder is gone, I have more energy, and I haven’t had a headache in three weeks.
Barb Hatch
23:29 11 Aug 19
I have been getting acupuncture treatments from Ariadni for 1 year and a 1/2. I had back surgery and was in a lot of pain. I refused more surgery. With the guidance of Ariadni we have managed to control my pain immensely. I also have had 3 small bowel obstructions with adhesions trying to take over. Acupuncture here, and her special expertise on herbal medicine, we have this under control. She is a hands on person and your health is her ultimate concern. I highly recommend Red Care Wellness. I know can say I am on a maintenance program instead of 3 times a week. Thank you Ariadni you changed my LIFE.
Cindy Smith
22:10 11 Aug 19
I started seeing Ariadni late last year (2018) when I had a frozen shoulder. I have had acupuncture treatments before for another issue in another town but the relief I received from her treatments at her clinic in Elk Grove were very therapeutic. My shoulder is now great and I continue to see her as monthly maintenance and if any issue pops up I just go online and book an appt.. The ease of her website makes it easy. Her clinic space is very professional and I couldn’t be happier with the results after seeing her.
Donna Schreiner
22:07 11 Aug 19
Dr. Spinali is a kind and understanding Acupuncturist. She has helped me so much with my chronic pain and other health issues. Her office is comfortable and peaceful. I love going to her office for acupuncture treatments. Red Crane Wellness is true to its name...Wellness. I feel very lucky to have a great practitioner like her in Elk Grove.
Marissa Cmaylo
19:35 11 Aug 19
I cannot express my gratitude enough to Dr. Ariadni Spinali. I was experiencing severe migraines that would land me in the ER every couple of months.The doctor's only cure was heavy medications. These medications did not work very well for me and left me incapacitated and feeling miserable. I looked everywhere for answers and one day a colleague of mine suggested acupuncture. I was so lucky to not only find an acupuncturist in Elk Grove but I found Red Crane Wellness and Dr. Ariadni Spinali. I walked in with a migraine that was a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale and walked out an hour later WITHOUT ANY PAIN! I could not believe it. I have continued to see Dr. Ariadni Spinali for the last 2 years for maintenance (and for the other ailments such as night sweats, allergies, stress, anxiety, and digestive issues). I recommend Red Crane Wellness to everyone I know, without hesitation. I know that if there is a problem, Dr. Ariadni Spinali will fix it.
05:23 08 Aug 19
Wasn't too sure at first but I am a believer now! Wish I had went earlier. Have had back pain since high school and after one appointment I am all bette . It's a miracle. Seriously hard to believe but it's true! Best money spent!!!!
Viv Quiros-Hickey
16:48 21 Jun 19
I was having terrible migraines along with other issues. My primary care doctor was not helping and over the counter medicine was barely relieving the symptoms. This was my first acupuncture experience, and let me tell you after several treatments my migraines are no more. I have occasional mild headaches but they're nothing in comparison to what I was dealing with before. I regularly go to see Dr. Spinali, I find that I have more energy and feel all around better. Highly recommend Dr. Spinali.
Dionysios B
22:38 14 Apr 19
Skeptical at 1st to try, I was pleasantly surprised that the treatment I received from Red Crane wellness Worked! Dr Spinali knows her stuff. Definitely a believer in Eastern Medicine now. 5 stars!
James M
00:51 23 Jan 19
Dr. Spinali is the best acupuncturist around!! She is very knowledgeable about oriental medicine and supplements. Her academic background and experience is second to none. I had low back pain, headaches, and shoulder pain---all treated by Dr. Spinali. She is the next level in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Dr. V. Ioanna Vouloumanou
19:27 23 Feb 17
Dr. Spinali is just amazing in what she does! She helped me in regulating my menstrual cycle and has shown me how she truly cares for her patients with empathy, a listening ear and attention to the whole body to achieve health. I have lost count on how many times I have recommended her to friends and family. If you are looking for a Doctor who genuinely cares for her patients and will work FOR you, is on YOUR side and cares to see you get healthy....this is your place!She has a gift of intuition and she won't treat you if she doesn't feel like she can help youThank you
Michael Spinali
23:42 28 Jan 17
I have been known to be biased, but this is not the case with Red Crane Wellness. Ariadni's the best acupuncturist around. She's honest and skilled, a combination that's quite rare in medicine.
Christina Miranda
00:30 03 Aug 16
Two weeks ago I was doing a High Intensity Interval Training workout where I hyperextended my lower back. I was in excruciating pain and I called Ariadni to help me. She saw me a few hours later and treated me right away. She was able to get my pain level down to a 2 which allowed me to work at my very physical job all day. I had a follow up visit and I am at 99% recovered. Thank you Ariadni!

Moving Towards Health.

How Acupuncture Works:

Acupuncture needles stimulate the central nervous system via peripheral receptors to give the brain information. Thermoreceptors, mechanoreceptors, chemoreceptors and photoreceptors all tell the brain specific information so it can act on the stimulus.

Local insertion of an Acupuncture needle causes light inflammation so that the body can bring in more white blood cells, increase blood flow and stimulate the immune system to bring in macrophages to clean the area up. For example working on arthritis with local needling would produce an effect to heal the area.  A more powerful and farther reaching affect of Acupuncture is systemically.


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